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Eastylist was founded by two entrepreneurs to serve the clothing manufacturing ability of Turkey to all over the world.

In 2014, during the market researches about clothing brands especially new launching ones all over the world, we recognized that, many companies from Europe, America, North Africa and also Australia, are looking for high quality production for their own brands and they do not want to stuck in Chinese mess. The companies who know the Turkish quality were looking for manufacturers in Turkey, but it was not possible to reach all the services they required.

Therefore, Eastylist, the company who was selling the ready collections abroad, has taken the shape of today "Manufacturing Casual And Special Women Clothing Collections" services for other countries especially in US and Europe.

Today, we are using our best production abilities completely for our customers from all over the world. With this mission, we do not oblige the companies to try to find approximately what they need. Contrarily, we design completely through their demand, and produce according to their requirements with their own branding or if they wish.

Besides that, as a business partner, Eastylist helps their customers for other supporting ready products they need, for providing best and logistics processes.

It is pleasure for us to put our partners up in Istanbul and to visit them in their cities for the most efficient meetings.

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